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Industrial and mine

Lorestan hydrated lime industrial company


The company was established in 1983 mainly with the investment of Maskan Bank with the aim of supplying the raw materials needed by various industries, including the producers of limestone sand bricks, and was launched in 1993 In line with privatization policy, it was privatized in 2004 and the private sector has been able to have a great presence in domestic and foreign markets by recognizing weaknesses and strengths And satisfies the needs of a wide range of industries, and due to its location in the proper geographical location and its access to the Persian Gulf, as well as the land border of Iraq, it has been able to export half of its products abroad annually With the possession of the best machines in the world today, the technology of which belongs to Germany, and the use of limestone extracted from the adjacent mines of the factory, which has a good purity, improves the quality of its products and brings its brand in the domestic market and Outsourcing And it has always been believed that the expansion and development of its products will be of special interest to the growth and development of the company And in this regard, manpower as a valuable asset has a special interest in protecting the workforce in its priorities, in order to achieve its goal by creating a working culture and raising it, and in addition to meeting it Shareholders' wants to create jobs and the economy of the region..

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